Appraisal Reports:
Single-family Residential (Form 1004) $500
FHA, Single-family or Condominium


Exterior-Only Inspection (Form 2055)


Condominium (Form 1073) $475
Exterior-Only Condominium (Form 1075)


Relocation Appraisal: SFR and Condo $650
Small Residential 2-4 Units (Form 1025) $750
Appraisal Update (Form 1004D) $200
Certificate of Completion (Form 1004D) $150
Desktop Property (Form 2075), or Condition & Marketability (Form 2070) $200
Disaster Area Inspection Report (Form DAIR/Exterior-only) $150

Manufactured Homes (Form 1004C)


Construction Loans (per plans and specs.)

Call for Quote

Land Appraisal Call for Quote
Non-conforming Properties (unusually large, $1+ million, unique or acreage properties) Call for Quote

Rent Schedule (Form 1007) $175
Operating Income Statement (Form 216) $ 75
Real Estate Owned Addendum $200

Please contact us if the service you require is not listed. Fees stated pertain to conforming residential properties. Please note, fees may be subject to change without notice.


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